A big “thank you” …

I wanted to take a day to let everything sink in before I posted my post-election “thank you”.

I am truly a blessed man in the fact that I have a ton of people to thank. My victory is in no small part, thanks to a mass of people. I deeply apologize for anyone that I mistakenly leave out.

The cabal: Ben and Andrew Matthews are brilliant political minds. They worked tirelessly to help devise strategy and our communication to the residents of District 9. This district is not the easiest to run in after the lines were redrawn and I had an uphill battle. These two stood next to me and always reminded me how possible it was. Constantly telling me to trust the voters, the voters know the difference and that knowledge will be reflected on Election Day. In every situation these two were right. Best friends always have your back, are not afraid to disagree and tell you, and have your best interests in mind at all times. I got two of these instead of one!

The Interns: Where do I begin? Every election is different and my experience with interns was night and day this time, with the same result. At the end, these students put their lives on hold to work on the democratic process. Half of my interns were Republicans, supporting me because they believed in me and not party. Having different ideas and affiliations is nothing when people chose to work together to solve a single goal.

Kellie and Nate (the dynamic duo, frick and frack) were with me every step of the way. There was illness and mental breakdowns and personnel issues and they always worked hard to keep those issues from becoming difficult for me. You both have bright futures and I look forward to supporting you and your lives forever as I owe you a deep amount of gratitude.

Julie, Gabby, Emily, Josh, Regan, I deeply appreciate all the time and energy you gave to Ben at BAM Design and know that you learned about politics by doing and not just what you heard in a class. Doing is always better than reading. I could have achieved nothing without your constant devotion and vigilance, my deepest gratitude to you all.

Volunteers: Torrance, Jordan, Sarah, Mom, Uncle Denny and Aunt Verlinda, Erin and Nick, Cooper, Weaver, Andy, Auth, Alberto, Jim, Sturdy, Tony, Jason, The Phi Sigma Sigma girls, and anyone else I forgot. Thank you all so much, for walking in cold, rain, and basically giving up your October and early November weekends to me!

Special thanks: Dave Fedor, Jack and Steve Snyder, Ron Powell, and the rest of the team at Snyder Corp. Your support was amazing and absolutely essential. It is a testament to each of you to support a person that many may have been surprised to know you supported. Each of you went above and beyond and I will always be deeply appreciative. Your business is the epitome of local devotion to an incredible community.

Mike Matejka, Scott Black, Tari Renner, George Gordon and the Laborers, Plumbers and Pipefitters, and Democratic Party: Each of you and your organizations worked hard to support me. It is beyond comforting to know that I can always trust you will be there for me when I need it.

Congressman Adam Kinzinger: Riding a bus with some punk kid to elementary school (Brigham ruled) that always told everyone he would be in Congress someday… boy am I glad we listened to you! Supporting me is a testament that friendship is always more important than party and that differing party affiliations can always be put aside to do the right thing. Thank you my friend!

Kevin Callis: From opponent to supporter, you did so much to help me personally as well as act as a sounding board, thank you so much. For any of you that don’t know Kevin, it’s your loss. He is a great man and a true asset to this community and I could not have done this without his support.

Susan Schafer: What more can I say? We are supposed to be opponents (and we were) but neither of us looked at each other as such. Both of us care about the citizens of District 9 and everything else can line up behind that. I had plenty of looks when I put her yard sign in my front yard or when I was interviewed on Cities 92.9, saying I was voting for her (and I proudly did). Regardless of what happened with me. Susan is one of the best things to happen to south Bloomington. She is kind, thoughtful and asks perfect questions at the right time, after doing her homework. We are all better of with her in our service. Thank you for your support and even more for your tireless dedication to public service. I look forward to working with you for a few more years!

Last and most importantly, thank you to my beautiful (and patient) wife and my two reasons for living (Maddie and Lexi). I am so sorry. I know daddy was gone a lot the last few months and I want you to know it’s because I cared about your future. I want to be a person that you two can look up to, as you get older. I never want to hear you ask, why didn’t you get involved dad? I promise you I will always try to do the right thing and look out for your future (and the future of all children). As I sit here and cry I cant help but think about you Kristy. You see the real Rankin everyday and you always find a way to love me more. No words can explain the depth to which I appreciate you. Thanks angel, I love you! Now let’s take a vacation and go to Disney for a week!

There are numerous people I am forgetting by name (all of you that came to my fundraiser) but know that whatever role you played…thank you!

I will continue to fight for the values and interests of the citizens of District 9. I am a better and stronger public servant because I ran in this race (thank you Mark Johnson for giving the voters a choice) and will take what I have learned and move forward. Please feel free to contact me at any time to voice your thoughts feelings and concerns. Last time you hear this for awhile, thanks, I love you all!

The Honorable (yeah the actual title) Erik Rankin 

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